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Pyrolytic Reflective Glass

EFG’s products portfolio is further strengthened with the Reflective Glass range manufactured by coating metal oxides onto molten glass during manufacturing. Commonly known as “hard” or “Online” coatings, EFG reflective glass comes with better coating durability and spectro-photo metric performances. Coated on clear or tinted subtracts, the products are designed to cut down undesirable heat gain through windows & glazing while offering a smooth mirror like finish towards the exteriors. EFG reflective glass allows longer shelf life and are very process friendly compared to sputter coated reflective products.

The product range has been designed to cater the rising demand of energy saving float glass products design whilst combining features for occupant comfort & Privacy.

All EFG float glass products-Clear, Tinted & Reflective range are process friendly and can be combined with Low-E glasses in instituted or Laminated forms depending applications.