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Applications of Float Glass

Historical evidence proves the existence of glass back to the early days of human civilization, the elegance of the product and the technical advancements in glass manufacturing has widened the scope of applications both in qualitative and quantitative terms. One the other hand, float glass processing techniques have also significantly improved safety and contributed to the growth in which glass is prominently replacing traditional building materials in modern architecture.

Float Glass finds its way through various secondary processing, such as; heat treatment, Lamination and institution to Door, Window and Glazing Applications both for the building and automotive industry, the value added online coated glass with metal oxide coatings are primarily used for commercial and residential building applications to achive lower solar heat gain, glare control and also to cut down harmful UV radiations into the interiors. Ever increasing glass application in interior design and architecture have also increased the demand for float glass in thicker and larger sizes to be used as glass partitions, frameless door streams, shower cubbies, glass balustrades and staircase railings. The applications have now moved further to glass ceilings, floorings and stair cases. Float glass allows great level of customization and flexibility through downstream processing that makes it a versatile building material.