Emirates Float Glass LLC (EFG), subsidiary of Glass LLC, which is the   glass arm of Dubai Investments PJSC, has announced the second phase of   investment in its Float Glass manufacturing facilities. The move, which   will see the construction of a second Float Plant to complement the   company’s existing manufacturing capacity, is in line with Dubai   Investments’ business plan to emerge as the largest player in Middle   Eastern glass product markets. “Dubai Investments earlier formed “Glass   LLC” as a holding company of the Glass entities to leverage synergy from   its many glass business initiatives to deliver the best of products and   services to the customers in the region. Thus, ambitious investments in   the range of AED 2 billion are planned for the next four to five years   under the aegis of Glass LLC to realize the envisioned growth,” said   Khalid Kalban, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, DI.   Commenting on the developments, Jerry Dowling, General Manager, Glass   LLC added: “The EFG LLC plant, which will be built on a 326,000 square   meter waterfront site land, is designed and implemented with the best of   contemporary technology in this field from a highly reputed global   Technology Licensor and Turnkey Contractor. When in operation, the   facility will make available locally, a range of world class products to   supplement the sectoral growth in the buoyant economy of Middle East.”     

Emirates Float Glass will manufacture products that will cater to   the needs of architectural, automotive and other segments in glass, and   has an annual capacity of about 160,000 tons of glass products. Located   at the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi, the daily production capacity of   the state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is 600 tons of glass. “Glass   LLC, the holding company for Emirates Float Glass, has business   interests in several Middle Eastern countries, and is furthering plans   for Greenfield/Brownfield ventures to cement its position as largest   player in the segment.

We have been receiving tremendous   interest and support from shareholders and partners as we pursue our   goals, and are confident that our current and future projects will be   completed on time and within the budget. We aim to offer excellent   product range and quality, coupled with top-notch service to our   customers, ensuring value for money, in a highly demanding market   place,” Dowling concluded.